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Reconnect Limited is a charity non-profit organization (NGO) that runs environmental education program at schools in Hong Kong. Through interactive teaching materials, we instill environmental values and thus influence their behaviour.

The society promotes capitalism in the form of consumerism. To fulfil the endless need of consumerism, natural resources are depleted at an unprecedented rate to generate commodities, creating all sorts of environmental problems. As the cycle continues to spiral downward, many young people fear the future, believing themselves to be powerless to change the society and the environment. This is because empowering environmental studies and behaviour changing program are still missing from the current education program.

There is a pressing need to raise environmental awareness for our future generation starting from the school level but with the heavy teaching load, most teachers do not have the spare capacity to develop a comprehensive environmental curriculum.

With a strong vision to education the future about the environment, Reconnect provides a series of fun and educational environmental programs.

Our Programs provide a high quality education experience for the students to learn how to protect the environment in a practical way. The Program is a spin-off from the “Reconnect” concept, which refers to the connection that the human being have with the environment.






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